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Terms and Conditions

1. Upon purchasing the eBook "SMART Home Hunting: The Key to Renting Your Perfect Place in Hong Kong", it will be promptly delivered to your email. If you cannot find it in your inbox, it might be in your spam folder. No refunds will be issued.

2. You will also receive a unique coupon code, which holds a value of HK$300. You or a family member can use it to reduce the commission when engaging our estate agency services.

3. You agree not to distribute the eBook or your coupon code to anyone outside of your immediate family.

4. The coupon code is valid for one year from the purchase date and can only be used once. Please present the coupon code when using our services.

5. The coupon code can only be applied if the commission, after the discount, is not less than HK$5,000.

6. If you do not engage in a property transaction through us by entering into a binding agreement with another party within the specified period, the coupon code will become invalid.

7. We do not guarantee the successful closure of a deal or assure complete satisfaction with our services.

Pay by Bank Transfer:

You can make the payment of HK$200 through a bank transfer. Here are our bank account details:

  • Bank: HSBC

  • Account number: 582 393179 838

  • Company name: Home in Hong Kong Limited


Please send the payment confirmation (a photo or screenshot of the payment slip or online acknowledgment) via email to or WhatsApp at +852 6722 1026. Also, provide your first and last names, email, and address if you want it to be included on the receipt.


Once we receive your payment and information, we will email the eBook and a unique coupon code to you within one to two days.

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