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"An awesome resource for inquisitive home seekers." 

—David R. Henry, US NET


Packed with essential information and over 70 useful tips, this 43-page eBook will guide you through your home-searching journey in Hong Kong in a SMART (Specific, Mindful, Adaptable, Ready, and Tactical) way.


What's more, you will get valuable guidance on selecting and working with a local estate agent, as well as advice on being a good tenant.

Complemented by eye-catching illustrations and sprinkled with tongue-in-cheek humour, this eBook offers both an educational and entertaining read.

For a limited time, this newly updated eBook is available for FREE. Download it NOW!

SMART Home Hunting: The Key to Renting Your Perfect Place in Hong Kong
(Fourth Edition, August 2023)
Author: Daniel W. Lam



7 Steps to Getting Your Dream Home in Hong Kong


Short on time? This article can help you kick-start your home hunt within minutes!

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Do you have a game plan for getting your dream home in Hong Kong?


The following 7 steps serve as a quick guide to your house-hunting journey and can help you turn the seemingly daunting task into a cakewalk.

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