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Rent Properties in HK

Renting a property in Hong Kong, whether it's your first place or not, can be a complicated matter thanks to the wide range of choices available.


Even if you have a general idea for which district or districts you would like to rent a property in, other variables come into play. How many rooms do you want? How big should it be? What is your budget?


And, of course, you may have many other concerns.

How to Rent a Property in Hong Kong

Where to Start

As a property rental agency with years of experience finding people their perfect homes, we can help guide you through the process.


Here are a few important steps you should bear in mind:


  • Write down your specific requirements — Just generally anything that is important to you, so you won't waste time on unsuitable listings.

  • Keep track of all your expenses — Living and renting a  property in Hong Kong can be expensive. Counting the costs helps!

  • Be ready when viewing properties — When you're planning to rent a house or flat in Hong Kong, what are the things you need to have at hand first? You can find the answer in question 4 below.

  • Be tactical when negotiating with the landlord — At HomeinHK, we will work closely with you to get the best terms and lowest possible rent for your new house or apartment in HK.

For more information, check out our House Renting Guide and more.

Why HomeinHK?

Working with many local property rental agencies, HomeinHK can help you find the most suitable property to rent in HK as well as negotiate the best deal for you. You can also save money on the agent commission when you get a place through us.


For more reasons why you should work with us, please visit Why Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I rent a house rather than buy one?

The biggest concern when deciding to rent a house instead of buying one in Hong Kong is your current work and financial situation. If your work is not very stable or you plan to work in HK for only a few years, there's no point in buying a flat here. Renting an apartment can give you more flexibility and less commitment.


Find out more about buying properties in HK here.

2. What are the normal lease terms in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, the lease term to rent a domestic property is usually 2 years long, with a 12- or 13-month fixed contract. If you need a shorter or longer-term arrangement, you should let your estate agent know beforehand.

3. Can I bring my pet?


This depends on whether the property is pet-friendly and your landlord is agreeable to it. Some buildings in Hong Kong do not allow pets by default. So, be upfront with your estate agent about your pets when you're looking to rent a property.

4. What documents will I need to enter into a tenancy agreement?


To sign a provisional tenancy agreement, you will need your HKID or passport as identity proof and your employment contract as the proof of work and income. An initial deposit of one month's rent (cash or cheque) is required at this point.


Before or on the day of getting the keys, you have to sign a formal tenancy agreement and pay the balance (usually 2 more months) to the landlord and your share of the stamp duty fee to the Hong Kong Government. Upon completion of the deal, you should also pay a commission to your estate agent.

5. What is the market rate of agent commission when I rent an apartment in Hong Kong?


In Hong Kong, the market rate of agent commission for renting a residential property is half a month's rent.

HomeinHK offer a 5-20% discount on commission for people looking to rent a property in Hong Kong. For more details, please click here.

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